August 17, 2012

Part time Job - major adjustment

My new part time job is a major adjustment to me because it requires long hours of standing, non-stop movements, no down-time/always busy. My job in the Philippines was mostly sitting infront of the computer and my first job here in USA is accounting/auditing related so it requires me to sit the whole time. This might not be a big deal for others but for me, it's difficult. Working 8/9 hours for 3 consecutive days exhaust me to death. My feet/legs hurt and when I got off from my work, I needed to drive to the daycare/friend's/mother-inlaw's house to pick up my son which is an extra hour travel. By the time the I got home, I needed to prepare for our dinner especially for my son who's been a picky eater for the day that I was not around. There's no chance to rest first because it will be late for dinner and my son needs to go to bed already. I could have my me-time close to midnight after all the chores but still need to prepare for the next day work. I couldn't complain because I prayed for this, I'm just saying that this is such a major adjustment for me. I hope my body could get used with the routine. Thank GOD that I'm off today and was able to do lots of things in the house that I procrastinated. I was able to sleep longer and had the chance to take an afternoon nap. Thank God for more schedule working hours.

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