August 10, 2012

Party Goodies

Hubby attended their regional meeting party which at first he's hesitant to go to because he's worried on what to wear and what time it's gonna be finished. Anyway, it was a blast proven by his excitement when he's sharing the activities when he got home. Some members from other states rendered song number, others danced. I asked what kind of food they have, they have salmon, salad, shrimp, pasta and lots of pastries. At the end of the party, they had a raffle which includes all of them if they registered at the start of the meeting, meaning they were early. Fortunately, hubby was very early so he was able to register and got some freebies right away. Then, he won a spa set that includes sea salt boy wash, lotion, body gloss and many others. Hubby was curious about this pampering stuff but his curiosity didn't stop him for not giving them to me. I'll try them this week, will have a spa session at home.

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