August 15, 2012

R and R Team in November

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan team in November election is termed as Bold and Risky. How would you call the last four years? Disaster! Charisma is over and sweet talker shouldn't be considered in electing an official much more for a President. Somebody who has experience in managing a business and has managed/headed a state should outweigh someone who didn't have the chance to manage a state. This coming election, my friend's husband is so busy with all the accessories needed for Romney-Ryan campaign. He's a republican by birth and up to the day he'll die, that's according to him. He's into distributing stickers to all people in his area. They are currently canvassing I voted stickers here which they have used in McCain-Palin team.  As the couple's sentiments, they might not contribute on the campaign fund but they can help out distributing these stickers to create awareness and to say 'Wake up people, it's time to leave the change. 

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