August 19, 2012

Taking it easy days

Hubby and I have our take it easy days and we spent it by just resting at home. Hubby made the maintenance for our cars and me, some chores. I did not exhaust myself that much because I need to recharge myself because this coming week will be 4 consecutive days of long hours work schedule. I see to it that I had afternoon naps and go to bed earlier than those nights that I have to work the next day. Hubby went fishing for a day and the rest just bond with our son. I'm getting used with my daily routine now, the one that bothers me are those days that I needed to drop my son to the daycare because I can't stop thinking of him knowing that he's a picky eater. Those mornings that he'll start to cry upon seeing me on my uniform and the more when I dropped him to the daycare. It always break my heart, can't get used of leaving myson for long hours there in daycare. I know he's ok there but knowing my son ,he gets bored easily so he won't listen and follow those activies given to them. I'm at peace when hubby is off and he's the one taking care of my son. I don't worry when I leave the house and I don't need to rush driving back home to pick up my son. Ohmy! I can't believe that relaxing days are over. Getting ready for a busy and tiring work week.

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