August 10, 2012

Towing Business

It's odd to see some people kinda stalking others especially where these people parked their car. Less than a minute, no compassion because it's a business, these towing people are there on your car the moment you stepped out and they are ready to tow it. I remember my friend's car parked outside an apartment complex in a busy street was towed just after she stepped inside the building so she was not able to see the towing guys. It was a hundred bucks, so my friend thought of why not start a towing business since her cousin has an autoshop. I told her it's not that easy as she thought it would be but she's persistent. She mentioned that her dad has a Tundra and her fiancee has a F150, so she'll just be needing a car trailer hitch. I smiled at her and said, it's easy if it's done in her dreams. She's just pissed off with the towing guys and regret spending a hundred bucks but running a business is not her cup of tea.

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