August 05, 2012

Wedding Band

My friends will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this end of August and they wanted to renew their vow, make it simple and limited to their families and closest friends. Each one of us from their circle of closest friends was tasked to do something. From scouting the reception, souvenirs, video and photo coverage, the cake, the invitations and my task is to look for an affordable wedding bands. When they moved here in USA, they gained extra pounds which caused them not to wear their wedding bands. It's a struggle but we are optimistic that one day, they will get back close to their original weights for health reasons. So, the bride showed me a sample of what she likes and for the groom, he lets me decide for him with approval of her bride. I thought of trying scott kay mens, if you look at their site, there are lots of styles to choose from and they are very affordable. I hope they will like what I intend to buy for them especially the groom.

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