August 03, 2012

When one door closes, another door opens

It happened to me, 'when one door closes, another door is open'. I can't question GOD why he didn't give me what I wished and prayed for recently because he knows what's the best and he has his reason. I was discouraged and depressed when it didn't happen but I realized that not all plans work out. There will always be a disappointment because we don't have the control over these things but we could try to change our reaction on the situation, be positive and move on. There's no advantage of looking back and feel the sadness. I tried to look at the other side and that's having my part-time job. I didn't expect that I will land on this job because most of my co-applicants are already certified board passer. It might be because I did good in the interview or just plainly GOD allowed it to happen because he opens another door for me. I don't have the right to complain because GOD has been so good to me. My body might be giving up because it's not used with working long hours but I will never give up on this opportunity that was given to me because I love and enjoy it. I just pray to GOD to continue to strengthen me everyday both physical and mental so I could deliver a better output.

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