September 12, 2012

Awesome floor fountains

We went to my son's pediatrician for the other required shots that he needed as part of the school requirement. He cried a lot after the shots and I thought would be in hurry to go home, unfortunately he didn't leave the doctor's office because of his fascination with their floor fountains. It was a fountain, seemed like a frame that's attached to a dividing wall from the reception desk to the waiting/playing area of the children. While waiting for our turn, just staring at the fountain, it made me feel relax, I don't know what feeling that was. It was justified when my son wouldn't want to leave after that too much crying caused by the vaccine shots. I remember in one article that I read, one big company situated in Switzerland has this room full of aquariums and fountains. When the employees get tired and need to relax to enhace/improve their ideas/thoughts on their respective projects, they just go there, sit and relax. The lights are dimmed and the floor/mounted on the wall fountains are awesome. I wish I have an extra room in our house that I could design like what those employees hang out with if they need to relax.

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