September 25, 2012

Home improvements

I read an article in the newspaper about home improvements that would help to sell one's house quickly. Their example was a house in New Jersey that was originally purchased at $325,000 and the owners were selling them for $225,000 with $100,000 lost. They didn't have improvements since they moved there, so, it was appraised at $180,000. The owners felt sad about it and thought of seeking help from the professionals on how to increase the appraised value. They were advised to do some improvements that won't cost them too much. It mentioned about clearing the house entrance with some unnecessary plants, trim the bushes so that the window wouldn't be blocked. Replace the kitchen and bath accessories with new faucet, knobs, pulls, shelves, racks, holders and many others. It mentioned also that furnitures, cabinets should be cleaned and free from clutter and repainting the house is a must. The article was very interesting because we're planning to sell our house next year and I believe that those simple and affordable improvements can make a difference. Hubby is planning to repaint the house before the start of winter season and we did some browsing online of accessories that we need for our kitchen and bathroom. If there's extra budget we might replace our kitchen top into granite. I need to make a to-do-list for our home improvement project.

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