September 25, 2012

Last summer escapade

Officially fall season has started and the weather has started to be cooler. I hope after fall season it's spring already. We had our last summer get-away through indoor swimming in one of the nicest hotel in downtown. The place was kinda crowded, they were also having their last hooray of summer and the place is very strict on swim wear. Women should be in bathing suits, while men should wear shorts and shirt less. It's good that I brought my bathing suit because I thought of wearing short and sleeveless top. It's a policy that needs to be abide. Aside from enjoying the fun of soaking our son into the water, teaching him how to swim I can't stop myself from staring at two pregnant women. They're wearing cute maternity bathing suits, the first one has the floral design and the other one has the polka dots. They both look awesome and sexy. I wish I have that confidence of wearing two piece and the fact that they're pregnat and were able to pull it off, good for them. I'm not at ease wearing bathing suits, flaunting my body maybe because I thought it won't look good on me and I'm kinda conservative when it comes to what to wear. Hubby and my son have a great bonding time, I enjoyed watching them and looking forward to more escapades this fall season.

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