September 29, 2012

Loyalty award

I learned through facebook that some of my friends were awarded trip to Hongkong as their prize for getting the loyalty award. They've been in my previous employer for 20 years and I could be one of them if I didn't moved here in USA. My previous employer's mother company is based in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, CA. They're very supportive, generous and considerate employer which is proven through their company benefits/privileges and awards. I saw photos of those who got the employee service awards with their awesome trophies. The said trophies were ordered here in USA from a premier provider of corporate awards. Their specialization is on the creation of crystal and glass awards which represent beauty and elegance. I must admit that I somehow  regret not being included on the list of recipients because I moved here in USA. But, I realized that being married and have a family of my own matters most to me. Hats off to all the recipients of awards, I believe that they truly deserved them.

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