September 13, 2012

Musician in the house

My son loves to sing and hubby mentioned the other day that he wants our son to be able to play any kind of instrument. I told hubby that it depends on his interests, he might be into sports, into his academic or any other interests. These past months, my son kept on singing, he made up some lyrics in the mix tune of Wheels of the Bus and B.I.N.G.O. He would sing Barney's, Elmo's, Thomas's Mcqueen's, Mater's name in whatever tune and he will have anything whether its his baseball, or his toys to tap into the table and to produce some sounds. Last christmas he recieved a drum set but hubby has stopped letting him to play it because the noise was too annoying. My neighbor's son got his birthday gift last month and it was lr baggs musicians friend, no wonder there are lots of friends hanging out on their house which is kinda annoying because after their jam session, these teenies run around our lawn which I didn't like because hubby takes effort to beautify the lawn and make sure that the grass and plants around are healthy and ok.

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