September 10, 2012

My knees are in so much pain

In my country the usual identifier for seniors are having athritis so whenever you tell someone that you're having pains in your joints, they will refer you as already senior (that's a common joke). Well, I must admit that I'm really old and I have these pain in my joints and now consistently, pain in my knees. My dad has athritis, hubby too and on his mother's side. As I read, to prevent this pain in the knees, one must shed some pounds. I just have this more often than ever when I started working again. 8hours of standing, triggers this pain. I hope this would be over soon. When I got home today, I asked hubby to massage my knees because I couldn't bent it and worse, I can't walk without leaning or holding to something. It's so painful. It's good that I don't have work tomorrow so I could rest which I planned to go to bed as soon as I'm done with this post. I scheduled my review tonight but I would skip for now and have plenty of rest. I'm getting old and I'm getting heavier. I don't have the control on the former so I would concentrate on the latter, will be watching out my food intake. This is such a struggle, why it's so hard to lose weight. Ok, I won't stress myself with this, I will take each thing one at a time.

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