September 25, 2012

Shall I stop feeding my son rice?

I grew up with the habit of having rice for every meal of the day. We used to have breakfast consisting of rice with egg, hotdog/sausage or any fried meat or fish. Come lunch and dinner, rice is more expected. When I moved here in USA, since my husband is not a habitual rice eater, it somehow lessen my cravings for it. Eversince my son was able to eat solid food, I introduced him to eating rice and thereon, he loved it. He always have rice on his meal except when he needed to be in afterschool daycare because I'm working and hubby too. When I heard about the level of arsenic that was found in rice which caused Consumer Reports to issue warning, I got worried. My hubby and his family don't eat rice, they are more into pasta and salads. In short, hubby wants me to stop feeding my son rice and substitute it with other things. I don't know, with the advancement of technology and too much competition in the industry some people would do things even it would harm others just to get ahead of the others. I mean all those kinds of pesticides and fertilizers that they use, residues could harm people. In my country, we used to wash the rice couple of times before we cook it because we know how it was stored, distributed and sold. But, I don't know the kind of rice we have here in USA though I always get the Jasmine rice which I'm not sure where it was imported and how the source country processed their rice. For now, I would lessen the rice in my son's meal until he's used with and if he demands for it, I will give him but if not, I won't serve him. In my case, for health reason I should lessen too my rice intake because I keep on gaining weight.

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