September 17, 2012

Things to ponder

Lately, I have been so busy with my part-time job juggling with chores, taking care of my son, my husband and my review. I don't know how I will manage them correctly. I always believe that 'lack of time' is an abused alibi for not accomplishing things that should be done. I know that we can manage things by setting time for it. Remember how we finish our tasks in the office in time. We set deadlines for each process to get the result and we don't entertain other things to get in our way. If I could just apply it at home. It means limited facebook, no tv, no phonecalls and make to the point that tasks to be done are based on what's the priority. So one of the culprit why I sort of lacking time to accomplish things and not to procrastinate is facebook. I enjoyed those quotes that being posted by friends which I repost too because it's worth sharing and usually it speaks of the truth about life and everything around it. I chose to share these quotes that I believe are so true.


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