September 21, 2012

Weird and funny dream

I had this weird and funny dream last night that I was in the Philippines having my vacation less my two boys. Then I visited my former employer and ex-officemates, all of a sudden I was having a meeting with the General Manager who's the daughter of the owner of the company. She wants me to go back to my old post and she right away fired the current head of the IT Department and assumed that I will take back my job without asking what's my decision. The weird part was, I already started that day and checking my staff on their tasks. The funny part was my staff were a mixture of my ex-officemates from my previous employers. One of them was my 'kumare', I'm the Godmother of her son, the other staff was from my first job and the rest were from my most current employer in the Philippines. At the end of the day, I spoke with my friends and told them that I'm caught in a difficult situation because my son and husband didn't know anything about my new job. It's funny because I kinda agreed to accept the job without considering my two boys. Then the ending of my dream was I was too anxious on what to do, bring my family and relocate to the Philippines and there's one friend of mine who suggested that I should work like an Overseas Filipino Worker, the other way around where my homebased is USA and my employer overseas is in the Philippines. When I woke up, I shared it with hubby and he said maybe because I'm so persistent to have a vacation in the Philippines. It's odd, it's weird and it's funny.

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