September 15, 2012

Worry won't do good

I read a lot of quotes about worry from the cheesy ones to holy ones. There's that verse in the bible that we should not worry of tomorrow but sometimes I thought that worries served as your motivational tool to better yourself or to do something but it always won't do good when you worry. We worry about our job, our future, our family and all other stuff that usually stresses us out. For others it caused depression and when it's too  much to handle a breakdown. A simple worry can lead to a serious breakdown. I have this way on how I will deal with my worries, I maintain a journal. I still have that diary where I write things in my mind and a private blogsite that I can be anonymous and unload all my sentiments without worrying of hurting or offending the people around me. When I write what I feel during a day, it relieved me somehow of the stress that it brings me. I list all the worries that I have that day and at the end of the list or on the next page, I write things that I can do in order to solve those worries. One example is my upcoming board exam, I frequently write 'worry about exam' so I made a timetable for my review. I scheduled per week, what book/reviewer that I needed to study and focus with. It's somehow helping me though it seemed that it's another sort of worry because the pressure to accomplish it. But I believe if you just change your perspective on things, make it always positve, that will have a good result. I wish for all people to have a worry-free day much more, for a week. That day will create positive impact to all because we're imparting good mood, smile and patience. I believe that GOD don't intent to give us reason to worry, he just want us to learn how to deal with them positively.

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