September 05, 2012

Yoga Class

My friend is so persistent in encouraging me to go with her yoga class because I told her recently that I was so stressed with the recent events in my life. She said that Yoga will help me to unload that feeling and will make me relax, let my mind free of worries and my body relieved from pain. She even lend me her extra yoga stuff including exercise bands. Honestly I'm hesistant to try it but come to think of it, nothing will be lost from me so why not give it a try. The only problem that I'm seeing is our schedule since I have my part-time job which changes the schedule every week. We can't find time that both of us are available and the travel time from my home/work place to the gym where she's attending. Todate, we're still figuring out when it will happen and hopefully the soonest. I love to try yoga.

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