October 22, 2012

Birthday Treat

I was working on my birthday and was not able to have a simple party.  My friend thought of throwing a party for me on her house this coming weekend which I'm so excited to have. I will be seeing some Filipina friends, more native meals, kids bonding with each other and more fun. She mentioned that we, the oldies could stay outdoor even late at night as long as it's not raining because my friend had purchased a fireplace. It will keep us warmer aside from the drinks that we will have then. They are so nice to organize this party, everything will be ready and I will just be there like a guest. I told hubby that I should be the one to treat my friends somewhere but he mentioned that here in USA, it's the other way around, the birthday celebrant is the one given a treat. Thank GOD for these wonderful friends because they keep me closer to home that I truly miss so much.

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