October 14, 2012

Corned beef with quail eggs

I ran out of time to prepare a decent meal for me and my son last night. Since hubby needed to work overtime, I thought of preparing a quick meal for me and my son. I have this canned corned beef, a product of the Philippines, I stir fried with potatoes and quail eggs.  My son loves the quail eggs that's why I thought of putting it together with the corned beef. But, I realized, the meal has too much cholesterol. The corned beef itself and the eggs. I wish I'm a better cook or I hope that I have the interest on cooking. Not in good physical shape caused this too much tiredness and not able to do other things. I wish I have more time to do productive things than browsing the net. Here's the photo of the corned beef with quail eggs, be the judge how it tastes.

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