October 10, 2012

Grandma's 80th birthday

My friend's grandmother whom I treated as mine's too will be celebrating her 80th birthday this 30th of October. She has no interests with gadgets, more into the conventional stuff like wall paintings, books, flower vase, inspirational wall plaques. I thought of giving her the latter stuff, she loves to read inspirational and motivational books and she often shared them to us. Whatever she realized from reading a book or watching a movie, she'll impart them to us. Her house is full of wall decors from paintings, to family photos to wall plaques. I'm browsing the net and wants the quote 'Grandma is one of the best things that I was called', something like that. At age of 80, she's still working as return to vendor associate which requires her to do lots of paperworks. Hats off to her because she has still a sharp memory and very keen to details. She lived her life the healthy way, joined marathon, loves sports no vices and eat right portion and healthy food. I wish I could be like her so that I can assure my son that I will be with him longer.

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