October 31, 2012

Watch out for answered prayer

I thought of writing a post about having answered prayers and what it brought me. I've been blessed like most people are from having intangible things in life. Genuine friendships, unconditional love from my parents, having thoughtful and generous people around and many more priceless things. My being blessed is not something to brag but something to share with people to realize that all of us should always be thankful for what we have. I've been a stay at home mom for N years, I take care of my husband and my son, our house, our meals, in short my family's needs. I enjoyed doing it and got used with it, then GOD answered my prayer. I got a part-time job in the biggest retail company and lately was given extra work hours. It's great, I have social interaction, job that I love doing and the same time earning. But behind this happiness that I have careerwise, I have this emptiness or sort of sadness inside me. Everytime I picked up my son from daycare and seeing that he's one of the few kids that still waiting for their parents to come, it breaks my heart! That instance when my son sees me, he runs fast towards me and hug me. The joy in his eyes is priceless. When we get home, I need to do some chores especially preparing our dinner, but my son would come to me, pull my hand and says 'Mommy, let's sit down, we lay down'. Usually, I would say 'Mommy needs to prepare dinner, play your toys' Then he will insists and I will give in. He missed his mommy! Despite the exhaustion from work that day, I could never ignore my son's needs. I miss our time, our lots of time together. In the morning, he'll be in school, then when I'm scheduled to work, he'll be in after school daycare. I don't know, it's been months but I can't stop missing my son so much. I can't get used with our situation. But I realized that there are sacrifices to be done in order to achieve something. Missing my son so much and not being with him all the time is the sacrifice that I'm doing. I believe that it's the quality of time over the quantity that matters. 

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