October 11, 2012

Wish list

I spoke with my nephew the other day when I dropped my son to them for a couple of hours babysitting and it's so amazing that he speaks differently because he's a grown up boy. Time flies so fast, I moved here in USA when he was six years old and now he's 14 and into a lot of hobbies and sports. His views are more than what you expect for someone of his age, he asked me if I can refer him to anyone for part-time job. I told him that no one would give him a job because he's still a minor and I asked why he's so persistent in finding one. He replied that he wants to have those stuff in his wish list before the year ends which he's very sure that his mom wouldn't provide him. I asked what are those in his wish list and he showed it to me. I saw electric drum set as the top one and some gadgets related to playing music. I told him if he can teach my son on reading, writing and playing some of his musical instruments, I will give him one of those in his wish list. He was so delighted and hurriedly went to my son and persuade him to go with him to play piano. I wish I can find an affordable drum set.

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