November 18, 2012

Coffee Date

I was having my weekly grocery shopping when I bumped into someone that I haven't seen for almost five years, our former neighbor. She visited her aunt and thought of doing her grocery shopping where she used to go five years ago. We were hesitant to greet each other because she looks different and I have my son in tow. Then, she started to greet me and we have a long conversation which we decided to go to Starbucks to catch up for all those years. She's an avid follower of yoga, she goes thrice a week to the gym and persuaded me to try it. She mentioned lots of yoga stuff and accessories like theraband here. She showed me some of her photos from her cellphone taken in her yoga session and pointed some of the accessories that she's using. I told her that it sounds interesting, I love to do it but my situation right now hinders in terms of schedule. I will give it a try in the future. I'm happy that my son didn't threw some tantrums so we're able to discuss lots of things. It was a great coffee date because she's really a nice person, humble and with so much faith in GOD. She inspires and motivates me in simple ways.

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