November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I was a fan of discounts/sales/clearance of retail stores but priorities have changed that. Huge discounts are really enticing but I realized that most of my urge to shop were caused by that enticement. It's like when I see something and it says that it's 70%, my initial reaction will be grabbing that item and tell myself, 'this is such a good deal' but the truth is, I really don't need  that. According to my friend, who works in a retail store, customers grabbed everything they see with discounts and while waiting in line to check out, they were able to scrutinized the contents of their shopping cart and realized that they don't need some them, ended up returning some. I don't know, my husband told me that when he was younger, thanksgiving day is well celebrated among families. Right now, it's more on "hype". Hubby said that instead of giving thanks to GOD for the special day and spend it with our families, these retail stores are somewhat ruining the spirit of thanksgiving. Families are no longer complete because some members needed to work on thanksgiving and others instead of coming home, chose to line up and wait for doorbusters offering of stores. The world is on the path of material things, the virtue of family being together, enjoying a meal and being complete is sadly diminishing. It saddening, what more if people would be hooked in gadgets/technology similar to addiction, can you imagine during thanksgiving dinner, families are gathered via skype and no longer physically present.

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