November 15, 2012

Lincoln vs. Twilight

I'm a fan of Twilight movie because of its love triangle and vampire story is kinda fascinating but I also love to watch Lincoln directed by Steven Spielberg. I became a fan of true story mostly of american history because of hubby. It's one of his favorite past time, watching all kinds of war/history movies. Lincoln's story is interesting and I want to see how Spielberg showcased that era to make it believable. Hubby mentioned the other day that he's interested to watch the Lincoln movie which we don't know when will the two of us could watch because of our work schedules and babysitter for our son would be pre-arranged. The last movie that we watched was of that Tom Cruise's Valkyrie. Anyway, I just hope that we could watch a movie together after more than a year. If not, we'll just wait for a couple of months and get the dvd.

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