November 17, 2012

Thinking of a new look

I was browsing for new templates but I can't decide what I want and if I'm going to get a premium one which will cost me around $13-$20. I can't decide yet but I attempted to pick a premium design but when I read the terms of usse, I backed out. Usually, since it's a pre-customized design, you can't modify any of its components unless you ordered a customized one. Looking at the template that I thought I like, I got lots of modifications in mind and realized it's not worth it. Ok, for now I'm trapped with this a-year-old look but I will take time to find one that I like. It will require lots of time because you need to modify some components that will suit your current design and gadgets. Thinking of a cream,blue-green,brown color scheme. For sure, this will change.

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