November 27, 2012

Venturing into small business

My neighbor for ten years are relocating to North Carolina after retiring from their respective jobs. Their only child is settled in Raleigh, NC so they thought of moving there and start their own business. The couple worked in healthcare almost half of their lives so they thought of venturing into a small business that will distribute medical equipments in NC and they spoke with other people willing to invest. The first thing they did was finding a credible cpa raleigh nc that will help them on their financial statements as part of the requirements in getting a loan from bank(s). It's bittersweet because I will truly miss them but they deserve to do what they want after the long years of being employees, it's their time to be the boss. Also, what a wonderful feeling it will be, retiring and being with your grandkids anytime you want to. I wish and pray for the success of their planned business venture.

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