December 12, 2012


In my lifetime, I wouldn't experience again to have 12-12-12 which is 12-12-2112. What's with this date? For one, there are lots of people who got married on this date thinking it will give them luck and some just ride in for fun. What makes this day extra special to me as to with the others, I was able to have day off after 5 days in a row work schedule. I got my long awaited rest and not getting up early, got the chance to bond with hubby and my son. It's very rare for hubby and I to be off the same day so this day is special. Of course it's not totally a day off to splurge and indulge, it's also chores day. I have mountaneous of laundry waiting for me and I procrastinated the ironing part. I just want to take it easy, sleep all day and thank you to my hubby for not letting me do some cooking. I better start doing some chores now.

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