December 10, 2012

My son loves to play guitar

When my son turned two years old, he got a sesame street guitar as present. Since, then that guitar has been part of his daily activities. His dad would even hide the guitar so we could just have a break on hearing the song my son kept on playing. Then the other day, hubby was watching this old Bruce Springsteen concert and I can't believe on what I saw, my son was so attentive watching the concert sitting beside his dad and watching closely  at those guys playing their guitars. Hubby asked him if he wants an electric guitar and without a blink of an eye, he said, Yeah! I told hubby that he should keep his promise to him because he will be expecting and I don't want him to be disappointed. He could buy the basic and most affordable one and we'll see then if he developed his liking into it. He loves to sing too, I don't know, he might be in the field of music but his dad will surely not agree because he wants our son to be a doctor. Dream big, it's free!

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