December 08, 2012

Not feeling well

Finally I got my day off and I thought I could go on grocery and personal shoppings but unfortunately I'm not feeling well. As I make fun of my situation, 'due to aging' that I get so tired easily and the truth that I'm not in great shape, caused this unwelcome unwell feelings. As my hubby told me that my body will get used with eventually because I worked 5 days in a row, 39 hours total. My back, legs and feet ache too much that I was screaming in pain when I got home because I felt that my feet are falling off. It was so painful, I don't know what position shall I do then. Then, I felt feverish and my colds bothered me too much that caused me severe headache. I could say that lack of sleep triggered all of this because for the past 5 days, I went to bed  past midnight because I needed to do some chores especially laundry and prepared my son's stuff for the next day school. I rested and took an afternoon nap then we attended the 5pm mass because I will be working on Sunday. I took some motrin and have lots of water and juice. I'm doing this post while waiting for my laundry and I'm also baking chicken for tomorrow's meal. I hope it won't be so busy at work tomorrow because until now I'm not yet feeling better.

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