December 08, 2012

Summer Camp 2013

We threw a suprise birthday party to one of our closest friends headed by her beloved husband. She didn't have any idea and was mad at her husband for dropping by at our friend's house because she wanted to review on her examination for the next day. Then, she was suprised when she entered the house. She has lots of guests and some of them are teenagers who are members of their church choir. I heard these teenagers planning a summer camp in 2013 and they asked my friend's hubby for recommendation on summer camps because he used to work in a travelling agency. They grabbed their iPads and browse the internet and found some cool camps. One mother of the teenager suggested that they should have an ocular visit first before they chose that place which some agreed and some said no need because it's a waste of time and money, just read feedbacks online or much better consult those people who have been there. I remember my younger days, we used to have that summer camp, it was so much fun.

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