December 01, 2012

Time to make updates and new look

Yahoo! I'm off for two days and next week wouldn't be that stressfull because hubby is on vacay, he would be able to take care of our son. It's kinda stressful to me in the sense that my schedule at work sometimes requires extended hours which I can't do because I need to be on time to pick up my son before daycare close. It will be a busy week for me at work and I thank GOD for making it easier for us. How amazing GOD he is, the timing of granting my hubby a week off to use of some of his unused vacation leaves on the week that I will be working five days in a row is such a blessing from GOD. I could not ask for more, I just let GOD maneuver my life. I'm back to doing to-do-list because it really works for me. Yesterday, I was able to accomplished almost all the tasks I listed on that day. Paying bills, mailing christmas cards for overseas friends and family, grocery shoppin, general cleaning and a lot more. Today, one task on the list is to update this blog. I will just share some events for the past days and will be back again to make some changes on this blog. Anyway, the other day, when I  picked up my son from the daycare, I noticed a stratch on his face near the mouth and there was still blood residue. I thought it was just some residue of whatever food he had then but when I wiped it, he cried and I noticed that it was a scratch. I asked the caretaker and told me that my son had it already when he was dropped off from the school. I don't believe her because I get messages, either by phone or a note from my son's teacher whenever my son had accident including scratches. When I talked to the teacher the next day, she said nothing happened to him when he was in school and if there's one, she would notify me. This scenarios bother me and somewhat gives me guilty feelings. I'm working almost everyday and then other people are taking care of my son. The reason that I have full time schedule lately was because one of our co-worker is on sick leave for three months so her hours are delegated to us otherwise I will be just working three times a week. Maybe this is the effect of being a stay at home mom for years and belonging to a culture that children are taken care of by relatives other than the parents if the latter are not available. Of course, you trust your relatives more than daycares so it gives you peace of mind because the people taking care of your child will surely love and protect them. But this is USA, children grow up so independently because of the lifestyle. Both parents needed to work, few relatives and friends can have the free time to watch your kids, so your option is directed to daycare. This is kinda long now, I will be back for more posts that's relevant and interesting to read other than mine's.

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