January 26, 2013

My Journey as a mom

This is the title of my new blog because I want to focus on my life as a mom but since I started working with almost full time hours per week, it's so hard to maintain a blog, what more a new one. After I got home from work, I focus on my son needs because he has been halfday in school and halfday in daycare and not on my care. I reserved those hours to take care of him. Whenever I get my day-off from work, expect that it would be a chores-errands day. There's no more "me-time" and it's hard to find time to blog nowadays. I don't have the energy anymore and whenever I put my son to bed, I fall asleep too. I wish I could have more time, sometimes when I have extra ones, I used them to catch up with my mom/friends through phone calls. I can still manage to do all of them because I'm used in writing down my to-do-list and compelled myself to accomplished them. I love blogging because it's my way of expressing my thoughts and enhancing my grammar skills. I'm writing this post past midnight because my son and hubby are already in bed and I just finished my laundry and I'll procrastinate the folding tasks. I'm too sleepy already and need to do my last task for this day.

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