January 11, 2013

Point of Sale System hacked

I was in the convenience store this morning and heard people talking about the nearby gas station's point of sale system being hacked. I can't believe that such system will be hacked, people are worried of their credit cards. I immediately reminisce instances where me and hubby went there but I'm positive that we wouldn't be affected because we always pay in cash. I wonder if these companies, whether part of a chain of stores or independent have strict security settings on their system specifically on personal information. I read that there are lots of softwares intended for database security like ESET Smart Security resource. Every company should have invested on the security of their system because it's a must and customers deserved to be secured in terms of their personal information. I hope that the gas station was able to notify most of their clients the soonest so they could have check on their credit card companies and as well as the gas station to upgrade their system.

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