January 30, 2013

Stomach Flu

We attended a suprise birthday party last weekend and my son had a great time playing with the other kids. The kids were busy playing with their gadgets including my son so, I checked on him. I thought he's only sleepy because he's so quiet in the corner and seemed not having fun, when I reached out to him, he suddenly threw up. I brought him to the bathroom and cleaned him there after few more episodes of vomiting. When he's done, I encouraged my husband to go home because I know that my son is not feeling well. When we reached home, my son was feverish and it went up to high fever. I compelled him to take fever reducer medicine (Motrin) and I put him to bed. I was with him the whole night and kept on touching his forehead from time to time. I was so worried and didn't sleep much because I wanted his fever to go down. The next day, my son was not able to attend because he's still sick, fortunately I was off from work. Then the vomiting started again, thrice before lunch time. I phoned his doctor to get the go signal if I needed to bring him to his office to be diagnosed. I was advised that I will just observe my son first, make Motrin and Tylenol for fever in alternate every four hours when my son has fever. Then on the second night, he had fever still and on the third day, I called off from work to take care of him and thank GOD vomiting stopped and he's fever free. He's back to his eating habits which I'm so thankful to GOD for making my son well. There are lots of people having flu this season, there was an outbreak in certain states that hospitals are forced to send some home because of the high census. The hardest situation for me is when my son is sick. It's such a blessing when he's well, so I pray to GOD that he'll make my son free of any illnesses.

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