February 16, 2013

Forgetfullness: part of aging?

I must admit that I'm becoming more forgetfull nowadays as what I always reasoned that it's part of aging. I forget where I put my car keys, what's my work schedule, what bills to pay, where I put my son's stuff, who am I gonna call when I took the phone. I know for sure that I'm not yet having memory loss caused by Dementia/Alzheimer. My mind is just pre-occupied by lots of things and poor organization in my part is the culprit. So, I need some tools to help me remember such as promotional sticky notes, bulletin board or calendar. I would just place/stick them in those areas that I needed to be reminded and very visible. I remember I have those neon colored sticky notes that I put near the desktop to remind me to pay bills online. But I must admit, part of my forgetfullness is aging which is ok because we're all going through it whether we like it or not.

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