February 21, 2013

Hypertension is in my family med-history

I thought of making a post about hypertension because my mom reminded me of it when we had our webchat. She's been into maintenance medications for almost 20 years. She took lots of medication which led into some side effects which she thought was another illness. I remember itchy throat and coughing, she thought that there might be something wrong with her and decided to get chest x-ray which resulted to negative. She has lots of questions before when she was just starting her medications which I wish I could shed some light then from the knowledge I gained while working in the pharmacy. Aside from hearing our pharmacist's counseling to our patients and some recommendations on which medications to take and not to, I read a book that answers some major questions about hypertension like, if stress is a cause, what age usually hypertension starts, are some over the counter medications cause elevated blood pressure, is alcohol a no-no when you have increased blood pressure, are the fish oil, garlic and other vitamin supplements help to lower it, are smoking and caffeine causes elavation, is it weight related, and many more. The article says that there is a great possibility of genetic links to the development of hypertension but lifestyle plays a big role in acquiring it such as excess weight, too much salt consumption, less or none at all physical activity. As my mom says, based on her experience, I must observe portion size meals, stay away from saturated fats, less intake of sugary food/drinks and maintain a healthy lifestyle such as exercising, drinking lots of water and healthy food. I hope and pray that I wouldn't need to go through what my mom has been and still having to go through. I need self-control and determination that I can do this in order to be healthy and live longer for my son.

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