February 17, 2013

Saving the marriage

My friend is now separated from her husband and thinking of filing a divorce, the culprit on this was the alcohol addiction. I know she still loves her husband but she can no longer live the way she has been through. She referred them as nightmares and wouldn't want to have it back. But, the priest she has spoken to advise him to save the marriage and find ways to solve the cause. She got some recommendation on alcohol rehabs and when the priest tried to talk to her husband, he's willing to do whatever just to save his marriage. He can't just put to rest the alcohol addiction that easy because he's been into it since he was teenager. It's so difficult to give up but with this separation, it made him realized that the marriage is worth saving and fighting for so he'll need to open up himself to letting go for the sake of his family and his health. I wish them the best and I know they love each other very much and hopefully won't end to getting a divorce.

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