February 06, 2013

Time to update

I've been off from blogging because of my work schedule, I don't regret having more working hours because it's an income but I feel some guilt for not able to give my son enough time especially whenever I get too exhausted from work. Inasmuch as I want to play with him, I'm stuck with doing the chores I missed during the day. I'm trying to prioritize my son's needs as soon as I get home but some circumstances hinder which makes me feel more guilty. I wish I have a super power to have more energy after long  hours of work to be able to play with my son but the aging factor is there. I want to do lots of things especially those things that I used to do when I was still a stay at home mom. I have tons of books that I want to read, I have lots of things to blog, I want to do some projects in our house like repainting, replacing wall paper, sorting out outgrown clothes, BUT I don't have enough time which I don't believe because there are plenty of time, we just only need to set aside to certain things. Like this time, after I put my son to bed, I dyed my hair and while waiting for it to completely dry, I'm doing this post. Multi-tasking! I'm also doing the laundry while typing this and brewing coffee to have late night snack. I'm ok to stay up  late tonight because I'm still waiting for hubby and I'll start working late tomorrow. By the way, I thought of sticking with this blog and shelving the other blog www.myjourneyasmom.blogspot.com which I already bought its own domain www.myjourneyasamom.com but as of now, not yet activated. I want to update my blog's look but as usual I don't have ample time to do it. I tried to change the title from Stay At Home Mom to Transition of a Stay at Home Mommy. A major shift for me in real life, I miss the time that I have lots of time for my son and taking care of the house and hubby's needs, now, I just squeeze them in my free time when I got home and during my days off. I can't complain because GOD has been good to me all the time.

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