March 21, 2013

Being sedentary

When I came here in USA, I was 110 lbs and currently I'm 30 lbs over. Disregarding the factor of giving birth, some lifestyles are the culprits of gaining weight and having difficulty losing them. The presence of television and internet greatly affected the time spent in physical activities. Kids are hooked into videogames instead of going out and do some outdoor activities. Remote controls, presence of television all throughout the parts of the house, laptops, smartphones prohibits more movements. There are lots of people who are sedentary. Last month I felt guilty when I dropped by at the library to register my email address so I could renew and check library materials online at my own convenience. I thought, oh my! that instance of going to library, walking around to find books, borrow and return are physical activity, then I opted not to have. In fastfood restaurants, instead of parking my car, walking in the parking lot, getting inside and waiting for my turn, I usually choose to go to drive thru, which prohibits me to do another physical activity. Availability of ready-to-eat processed meals and large sizes/portions caused me not to exert effort in preparing/cooking a healthy meal. Just place it in the microwave, then I have a meal. I hope I can go back to my previous weight because hypertension and diabetes run in my family history. In order to prevent myself from having those are right food and a regular exercise.

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