March 28, 2013

Holy week 2013

It really saddens me to see lots of people not giving importance on holy week instead they prioritize on how and where to spend and enjoy the week with their families or friends. I understand that in workforce, vacation and being off from ones' job is so important that's why lots of people are looking forward to it. But, we should remember that we have that holy week to commemorate the passion of Christ, we should give time to reflect and pray. Mostly when Filipinos are influenced by other cultures by ignoring the essence of holy week just to "fit in", I feel so sad. I remember my mother in law's observation when she visited the Philippines, she was surprised how much western culture affects us in terms of music, way to dress, some lifestyle and moral issues. We're Christians/ catholics and should not be influenced by others to ignore our moral values, traditions and beliefs wherever we are. Here in USA, few establishments respect and honor holy week, most of them are open and doesn't recognized the significance of holy week.   

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