March 24, 2013

Pressure on myself

Each day that passed by, I kept on regretting things that I haven't accomplished from my goal-list. A week from now is April and from then, a quarter of the year is over. What have I accomplished from my plans onset of this year. Nothing! It's not lack of time, it's an alibi because there will always time for each thing if you just set aside before hand. I wanted to improve my knowledge and skills in the new field that I have chosen but everytime I have the chance, I was doing chores and least important stuff. I can't even set aside time for myself in terms of looking good. It's been overdue for my plans to have spa, manicure/pedicure, hair treatment and other pampering stuff that I deserved. I have plans for my son, for my parents and for my family but I don't know why I haven't started them yet. Looking back, I regret losing 3 months of not doing something for my goal-list. I want to go back reading and learning new skills, as a matter of fact I borrowed learning Spanish language kit from our library in order to enhance my communication skills with Hispanic customers. It's been a week now that these kits remain untouched. What's happening to me? I don't know, sometimes when I thought of doing them, in the expense of staying late but the next day, I felt so tired which led me not to do more. I don't have the energy but I have energy to browse the internet for non-sense news for longer hours. Is it due to my health? Am I lacking vitamins or is this the "aging" part. I get tired easily that by the time I got home, I do nothing. If I can just turn the clock, I will! I'm too pressured! I have lots of things to do and it's kinda late now to accomplish some of them. I should get this going, I need to go back to making my to-do-list per day so I can set time to the most important tasks and stop procrastinating. I should prioritize the most important ones.

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