May 16, 2013

Back pain

I worked six consecutive days and I was so exhausted and felt all kinds of pain. The most bothersome was the back pain. It kills me, no amount of bengay and all these icy hot patches could ease the pain. I tried to sleep in the couch because I felt that our bed caused more discomfort that's why my back pain stays longer until the next day. There's something wrong with my posture, maybe my out of shape too trigger the back pain. Then I thought of my friend who mentioned last year that she bought this mattress latex which helped her to ease and get rid of her back pain. I thought of checking this out in the internet and found out that the price is affordable and reasonable plus they have discount on selected models. I mentioned to my hubby that I am planning to purchase one so that I will be relieved with all these back pain whenever I'm sleeping.

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