May 02, 2013

My dearest son's birthday

Hubby and I worked the prior weekend and this coming which saddens us because we can't have a birthday party for our little boy. Fortunately on our son's exact birthday, we're both have our days off. We went to our son's school and brought a cake and juices for his classmates. He was surprised and very happy seeing us there. We watched and waited for them to finish their snacks and we asked his teacher if we can bring our son home 30minutes earlier. We brought our son to his favorite mall because of the super carousel that he loves to ride unlimited. That is the one that makes him happy so why not give in even I felt so nauseous on those successive spinning rides. Hubby and I took turns in accompanying him. After the ride, we took our lunch, did some shopping and before we driving back home, let our son play in the play yard inside the mall. This mother's day, my mother in law will give him a simple brunch party as his post-birthday celebration.

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