May 08, 2013

Rented car

When we planned our trip to Memphis, we decided not to use our cars, instead we look for cheap rental cars together with hotel to stay in. I surf the net and read some of people's experiences on renting a car and which is the best hotel to stay in around Memphis area. I wrote down the best options and came down to the one with the most favorable ratings / comments from customers. The deciding factors were reliability and affordability. Also, we considered features of the car, the kind of help and support that the company will provide in case we needed some assistance. Thank GOD we came home safe and I can say that we have chosen the right rental car and the hotel we stayed with is superb. Great customer service and experience will always entice customers to come back and I can't wait until our next vacation and for sure we will have our rental car, hotel and might as well book our flight to with them. My son enjoyed the mini van that we rented because it's more spacious than our cars and even told his dad to buy that car and bring it home. Hubby told him that we need to sell all his toys in order to buy that car and our son paused for minutes and replied, No!. Of course he wouldn't trade his treasured toys with anything else other than new toys.

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