February 08, 2014

Sad news

Today is the birthday of my ex-coworker who's spending his special day with our dearest GOD. When I opened my facebook, I saw his wife's birthday greetings to him and it  made me cry because it's kinda early for him to go and leave his wife and only daughter but as what most people say that we can't understand what's God's reason for now but in the future he will let us accept the truth. Then, another sad news is knowing the death of my high school classmate and I can't believe it because when you look at her, she's really healthy and loves to exercise shown by her slim figure. Life is really short and we don't know when our time is coming so we should make the most of each day. There's one thing that I'm happy doing each day of my life and that's saying I love you to my son and hubby countless times in a day. I even created a routine for the three of us, the hug time and I love you time. Whenever I say it's hug time, my son will run to me and give me a hug then go to his dad and do the same. Some may say that's meaningless because it's just a routine, for me it's real and it comes from my heart. I always tell my son that he should always remember that his mommy loves him very much. Life is too short!

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