October 06, 2017

Kindness and Empathy

When you wake up this morning, don't you feel that you're so fortunate? You're alive and able to do things that you like and love, be with people you love most. We thank GOD right? But deep inside us and when we look in the mirror, we see hypocrisy! We love to point fingers, we love to complain, we love to criticize. No kindness and empathy! We always think that we're RIGHT and if others have a different opinion from us, they are the LIARS / FAKE / BAD people.  Being right is not based on race, religion, color, status and political views. HATRED is too much because of social media. It pains me reading news about the LAS VEGAS shooting, with people writing rude and full of hatred comments. The country is mourning, but here are some of the people who feels they are the right ones spreading hatred. If the President of this country always speaks hate and people kept on responding hate, what will happen? You also contribute HATE. It's ONE'S right to say whatever they want to say but ask yourselves why there's too much hatred?  Nowadays, for one news article, lots of people will comment on the issue first, then as the comments progress, different issues and name calling, HATRED! I might sound hypocrite but one thing I learned from all these tragedy, people need to practice kindness and empathy. You, you don't share what's really inside you and what you're going through, because you pretend that you're ok most of the time. Then when people start to say things against what you truly feel, how would you feel? Upset, mad and then hate that person who's been insensitive to your situation and feelings. I just want to say that there's a need for kindness and empathy nowadays.

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